Master Tran Ngoc Dinh

The founder of Viet Anh Mon is Master Tran Ngoc Dinh, Vietnamese resident in Italy from 1971, expert in Vietnamese and Chinese martial arts; he has kept itight relationship with his origin country and with the old masters resident in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and in Hanoi, performing many journeys with the purpose of research and study.


Master Tran Ngoc Dinh was born in Nam Dinh, in north Vietnam, on December 29th in 1951, under the zodiacal sign of cat (corresponding to hare in Chinese Horoscope). In 1954 he moves to Vinh Long, in south Vietnam, where he start to study the basis on Vietnamese martial arts under the guide of his uncle.
In 1960 his family moves to Saigon (actual Ho Chi Minh City), but the young Tran Ngoc Dinh goes on following uncle's teaching every summer. In 1964 in Saigon he starts the study of Tae Kwon Do in which he will reach the degree of VI dan ITF (International Taekwondo Federation). In this period, following his passion and his curiosity for martial arts, he practices for a few years also Aikido and Judo.
In 1971 he moves to Italy to go on with his study and start teaching Tae Kwon Do until 1976, when he enters the newborn International Viet Vo Dao Federation, to which belonged all the greatest Vietnamese masters of martial arts in Europe.
In 1980 he leaves the International Federation to go on with his personal way of research in Vietnamese and Chinese martial arts. So he start to travel in Vietnam and found the most important old masters of traditional martial arts in Ho Chi Minh City and in Hanoi.


Master Tran Ngoc Dinh (in the center) between Master Ta Nam and Master Diep Quoc Luong.


With their guide he dedicate to the deep study of the main Vietnamese and Chinese-Vietnamese styles: Binh Dinh width M. Truong Thanh Dang († 1985), foudner of the Sa Long Cuong school; Vo Dang Luc Hop (Wu Tang) with M. Ta Nam, the older (still living) master in Cholon (the chinese district of Ho Chi Minh City), who becomes his Su Phu (master-father) and introduces him into the chinese community; Bach Mi (Bak Mei) with M. Diep Quoc Luong (†1991); Thai Cuc Duong Lang (T’ai Chi Tang Lang) with M. Tran To Nu, direct pupil of M. Trieu Truc Khe († 1991); Vinh Xuan (Wing Chun) with M. Ngo Si Qui († 1997), direct pupil of M. Nguyen Te Cong († 1963); Thieu Lam Chu Gia (Shao-lin Zhou Gar) with M. Sui Dau († 1990), direct pupil of M. Luu Phu (†1971).


For the deep knowledge acquired, M. Tran Ngoc Dinh is considered one of the maximum exponent of the Chinese-Vietnamese martial arts. In the Chinese martial community in Vietnam he received the nickname of Tran Kim Long (Tran "gold dragon"). So he decide to found his own school, initially called Kim Long School.
The experience matured in these years has led to an evolution of the Kim Long School, concluded with the foundation of the style Viet Anh Mon, representing the synthesis of a long path of research, his "Way" (Dao), actually pointed more toward the inner and spiritual aspect of the martial arts.